The main purpose of this website is to act as a portfolio for different projects that I have worked on in the past. Below you can find a short description for each main project as well as a link to that project page:

Nanosatellite: Starting freshman year I got involved with GLADOS, a space debris detecting debris nanosatellite. I began on the Integration and Testing team before moving on to being the lead for the science subsystem. In these roles I have been brought in contact with Apollo era equipment, dressed up in a bunny suit for clean room work, and traveled across the country with space hardware to run a test. Here I’ll be describing GLADOS’ mission as well as what I have done on the satellite.

Research: Over my time at the University at Buffalo (UB) I have been involved with several research projects from autonomous quadcopters, to diabetes sensors, to implementing new estimators.  Here I’ll be describing what my different research is, lessons learned from it, and any results that came from it. This section may have a delay on it if work is going in the direction of being published. If something is published a copy may be made available here.

Rocketry: Visiting the rocket gardens in Kennedy Space Center with my grandfather is what first probably sparked my interest in space.  In the boy scouts I launched my first model rocket.  In college I got involved with high power rocketry. Here I’ll be describing my projects in high power and experimental rocketry.

Astrophotography: Coming Soon